Report by Dr Arif Alvi on his Five years representing you


Dear NA 247 Voters


Representing you in the National Assembly has been my privilege and my Pride.  Many of you stood in line for hours to cast your vote to change in Pakistan – we all were expecting tremendous results hoping to see Imran Khan as our prime minister, but it was not so, PTI & Imran Khan ended up in the opposition and you have witnessed that over the five years PTI has struggled diligently to strengthen democracy by playing our due role as a genuine opposition, which in all criticism is also an integral part of democracy

To this day I stand accountable to you as to the work I have done in the five years. Despite being the only elected MNA and two supporting MPAs in Sindh from PTI, we have tried our best and have accomplished a lot without any government support or any funding for that matter.

Issues Discussed are 

  • Parliamentary Work
  • Water
  • CBC
  • Education
  • Health
  • Million Tree Tsunami
  • Philanthropic Work


Parliamentary Work:

An elected MNA’s or MPA’s primarily responsibility to attend the assembly stays sessions and legislate on behalf of his constituents.  You must be aware that the National Assembly has to be in session for over 170 days every year, and I being your elected MNA it was my duty to attend all National Assembly sessions which meant spending at minimum two weeks every month (and more for committee work) in Islamabad serving your legislative needs – I’m proud to share that my attendance has been exemplary and can easily be ranked as one of the top few MNA’s who have been regular at the National Assembly.  During this time I took part in dozens of legislative processes and raised many issues concerning our areas, from security problems, to grilling the federal govt for the defunct Cogen Plant, to the water sewage mess that has plagued our Seaview beach and even have held to task the CBC &/or Sindh govt for the constant water crisis in our areas.  I was part of many national assembly committees and sub committees like Public Accounts Committee, Electoral Reform Committee, Biometric Electronic Voting committee, Overseas Pakistani Voting committee and Fisheries Reform committee (laws impacting fishing / trolling on Karachi coast which has depleted our fishing reserves drastically) and even presented the Alternate Dispute Resolution Bill

You supported me PTI to fix the rampantly corrupt system and you have all been a witness to PTI’s effort for electoral reforms, from our Dharna to the judicial review by Supreme court was our effort to battle against a hardened corrupt election rigging system and PTI fought this issue to the nail, but with 35 MNA’s we were always a minority – but inshAllah in 2018 when Imran Khan and PTI win the elections our focus is ready with proper legislation to ensure the voting process is transparent and fair.  Our efforts to fight against corruption also led us to a street movement against the Panama papers – which ultimately resulted in the downfall of Nawaz Sharif.  The proudest moment for me in Karachi was when people from our constituency stood up against the MQM mafia and finally over the years brought the downfall of this behemoth terrorist organization.  Each one of you should take credit for this no small feat


Water has always been an issue of our area, but it has gotten worse with time and experts predict that Pakistan will be in a very severe water crisis run out of water by 2025, As representatives from your area we have been on top of this issue from day one, raised this problem dozens of times at National & Sindh Assembly level, held meetings with relevant ministers, corps commander and station commander Karachi, KWSB, CBC and visited Dhabiji/Pipri pumping station.  With CBC all in an effort to come to a solution for water.  When all our backdoor politics failed we have even protested on the issue of water but it was sad to see CBC register an FIR accusing us of terrorism to keep us silent. We had to get bail and for more than a year we had to attend court until finally the case was thrown out.

Water crisis is a Karachi wide problem, not only limited to CBC/DHA –Karachi needs 1150MGDs but gets only 450 MGDs and the trickle effect impacts the water supply to our NA247, where the tanker mafia protected and supported by PPPs Sindh government and elements in the CBC exploit our residents. CBC/DHA residents demand has peaked to over 25MGDs but we barely get 5-6MGDs which is not enough for our area.

We presented a comprehensive plan to the Sindh government with immediate, Midterm and Long term solutions (see website). They accepted it (without any acknowledgment) but have hardly moved on it. It is our resolve that water issue will only be solved when PTI comes into power and then we together seriously work to genuinely solve this crisis for the people of Karachi, you are a witness that PPP in the last 10 years has done nothing and combined with MQM for the last few decades at the helm of affairs on Karachi have done nothing but added insult to injury with political corrupt appointments in KWSB.

But is also a Karachi wide epidemic – Karachi needs 1400 MGD’s but only 400 MGD’s reach these residents and the trickle effect also impacts our NA247 areas even more.   Tanker mafia protected and supported by ministers blackmail our affording areas to charge thousands of rupees to only line their pockets with corruption.  As regards to our area please be aware that in the 90’s CBC negotiated a deal with KWSB for a supply commitment of the then re-equipment of 9MGD’s of water with the rising demand over many years to now 2018 the need has grown to over 25MGD’s and KWSB refuses to release more then 4-5 MGD’s of water which means a shortage of over 20MGD’s -  this is the reality – PTI has worked to fix the system – your elected members have presented a short term and a long term solution and have actively lobbied to fix these, from repair of the exiting dhabeji pumping station (addition of 4 new pumps) closure of all illegal hydrants, implement the K4 & install new desalination plants - but the irony is that PPP government has no interest in taking care of Karachi and will choose to leave Karachi to starve like Mohenjo-Daro.  As long as their ministers make millions protecting the Water tanker mafia, this fundamental right is being deprived.  The fix lies in throwing our PPP from Karachi and Sindh, revamp the KWSB, setup desalination plants, dams and water conservation methods.  DHA/Clifton may be vocal on this issue but I assure you the crisis is ready to hit Karachi whose needs are above 1400MGD’s and supply limited to 400MGD’s of water from all sources.  Water tanker mafia needs to be totally removed and water in the pipelines is the only solution – which can only happen if PTI takes over the regions of Karachi management to do good, as PPP in the last 10 years has don’t nothing and MQM has also left us in ruins 


Water Filtration Plants:

Since the govt has not supported our demand to provide our people with clear drinking water we worked a solution and installed over 10 filtration plants across the constituency using our own personal & donated funds in many areas of NA247 (namely Hijrat colony, Tekri colony, Reti Line, Gizri, Shah Rasool, Block 1 Clifton, Railway colony and a few others – these plants continue to provide fresh drinking water to hundreds of local resident living in the areas all achieved without a penny from the govt.

Development Projects:

Development Projects by Samar Ali khan: Ar. Samar Ali Khan MPA proposals and technical advisory inputs (free of cost) for the City of Karachi to the sitting CM & Minister of Local Government on their request. Over the last five years, Ar. Samar Ali khan MPA lobbied for development projects for the city of Karachi – this city was left to ruins under neglect of PPP government and the chaos created by MQM.

One example if you recall, the perpetually damaged Jinnah Hospital road for many years has remained in total disaster affecting the lives of thousands of patients trying to access the major government hospital in the area, millions got wasted in corruption and re-sanctioned this project for repair every year-in 2015. Samar took hold of this issue volunteered to revamp the entire project and ensured high quality construction 3+years down, the road is in immaculate situation, a lifesaver for thousands of patients trying to reach the few major government hospital on the area. That said in the five years. Your MPAs have been defilaered _____ yearly development funds ..

In the run up to the 2018 elections PPP fearing defeat decided to finally pledge Karachi taxpayers money to the City projects , these includes:

Submarine chowk Underpass, Sunset Blvd Overpass, Road re-carpeting & upgrade of many roads including Clifton Road , Chartered Accountant (3 Talwar) Road, Khaliq ur Zaman Jam Sadiq Bypass University Road , Shaheed Millat Bridge , Baluch Colony Bridge demolition , Airport Bridge Rehabilitation and Airport Road Underpass .

Samar does it for the love of Karachi, and spends his time to improve the lives of people of Karachi, provided the Sindh Government is ready to initiate these projects.


Govt offices are a bureaucratic nightmare, but if you compare what KMC does or does not do, CBC still manages to deliver some basic amenities to its residents, but it still needs drastic improvement, but the system still functions.  With constant supervision from PTI we make sure basic work is done regularly, from cleaning of the area, constant repair of roads, repair of damaged / malfunctioning traffic lights, helping reduce street crimes, sewerage manholes, regular maintenance of parks and surrounding greenery, cleanliness during Eid ul Azha (you would see the disaster of a mess in Karachi) – but CBC areas are relatively well managed, they even performed well during the 2017 monsoon rains where our areas were relatively clean but Karachi was a flooded city needing the help from Rangers and Army to rescue people from their homes 


Has been our highest priority as per the vision of PTI and Imran Khan.  Our area has about 42 govt schools under pathetic conditions, with the help of dedicated lobbying we finally obtained permission to enter a few schools for improving Infrastructure, safety security, boundary walls, toilets, water dispensers, benches, tables and the availability of teaching staff.  Govt schools are in such a pathetic state that its sad to see how the existing govt and many others in the past continues to destroy our future generations.  One shining example of our effort is the Pakistan Railways owned school at Kalapul which we totally renovated, raised upwards of 2 crore from donors and fixed this school – it initially had 350 children but now has over 1400 children getting quality standard education have recorded their highest every pass percentage this year, 


Karachi is a mess as regards to health with very limited access to public hospitals, with Samar Ali Khan as an architect – he collaborated with the govt to properly rebuild the Jinnah Hospital road which used to turn into a mess – now with proper drainage this road helps ambulances commute without delay.  PTI has helped organize over 57 Free Eye Camps in the this area where a team of trained professional doctors and paramedics help review the incoming patients and prescribe them necessary free medicines, these camps should be done by the govt but they don’t, yet PTI works to deliver in your areas. These camps have resulted in 1,327 free cataract surgeries and a total of 4,259 free eye glasses have also been distributed during the running of the eye camps.   In the effort to streamline the health care system – PTI has setup using donations 3 basic health units to help area residents with free medical help, mother and child clinic and emergency medicine

Insaf Sasta Tandoor:

PTI over the past 10 years has setup and managed using donated finds to setup and manage three sasta tandoors which provide two rotis and salan for only Rs 5 per person – this work is highly appreciated by underprivileged and has been doing so for many years to have fed thousands of people quality food 

Ramadan Ration Distribution: 

Every year PTI distributes hamper bags to hundreds and thousands of people during ramazan donations are raised and the process is carefully organized to ensure proper distribution to all the needy.  Also part of this process we also choose to utilize no-zakat donations to help distribute food hampers to even Christian area who are in need of support 

Million Tree Tsunami:

With the heat wave across Karachi there is a strong emphasis on planting trees to protect the environment.  We launched a public service initiative called Million Tree Tsunami, inspired by Imran Khan's Billion Tree Tsunami our version to make a Hara Bhara Karachi. We distributed over 55,000 plus saplings with a simple printed instructions sheet to guide people on how to take care of these precious saplings.  An offshoot of this initiative was the inception of Seed Pencil (#BeejWaliPencil) - the back end (rubber-end) of the pencil has a seed enclosed in a capsule, plant the seed end of the pencil in a pot of soil and water it, and slowly watch it grow into some form of vegetable tree and you also get to enjoy the home grown produce.  This is nothing to do with politics and votes but entirely to help protect our city from the possible global warming challenge

Bilawal House:

I’m sure you recall our efforts to open the roads around Bilawal House – no matter who says what it was the effort from the part of your parliamentarians who exerted enough pressure and legal notices followed by a street protest that in 2015 we jointly were able to successfully open both lanes in front for Bilawal House for public use 


As your representatives all your elected parliamentarians have represented you at many special occasions, attending weddings all year round and have been part of many unfortunate funerals of people like Dr Ruth, Edhi Sb, Amjad Sabri sb, Zahra Apa, Anwar Maqsood Sisters & even Junaid Jamshed

We as elected representative have voiced issues of this area on media, talk shows, Sindh Assembly, governor & chief minister houses, Core commander and any and every place that issued need to be resolved 

Objective is not to aim winning one seat, Imran Khan’s 22 years of struggle and mission is Dou Nahi Aik Pakistan- Hum Sub Ka Naya Pakistan and aim is to serve people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. This election is for Change of system and your Vote matters. Please vote for your future, vote for change: VOTE for BAT.


Dr. Arif Alvi
PTI Candidate NA-247

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  • Babar Shaikh
    Tried but could not vote against IK. Have faith in Ik and pti.

    Alvi sb pls make your presence felt this time.
  • Babar Shaikh
    In last election i voted for PTI. Had faith in IK and had faith in Mr. Alvi as well.

    Faith in IK is still there but cant vote for Mr. Alvi again. Never seen any PTI action in Bath Island. Simply Mr. Alvi was absent from the scene. No disrespect but my 10 member family voted for Mr. Alvi, which was a incorrect decision, and this time we have changed our mind.
  • Khurram Gohar
    Very strange I m a resident of clifton block 2 never saw any of them neither I felt there pressence anywhere Mr Khurram was least concerned about his constituency the only thing which I saw is rapid growth of stray dogs in our area we even can’t walk on the street. We have already seen the result of the last local body election. In simple words these three have only disappointed us
  • Ashiq Ali
    dam ka paisa jama karna ma easy idea ya ha ka.every pakistan r requested to give 1 rs of one day means 30 rs per month.its means daily collect will be 20 crore per day and 600 crore per month only for 3 months total collection will be 1800 crore.(goverment must return this amount after 3 years to public) and all the reach people should give 5% from there wealth.