Making Health Facilities with quality manpower free of cost

Assalam o Alaikum sir, for health i would suggest please make a network of small primary health care centers, two focusing on family medicine, maternal and child health , one surgical facility and one specialist facility. PTI has a lot of support from AKU's doctors. AKU often needs places where its medical students, senior residents can go for community exposure. This will provide you with free, and best quality doctors. Final year medical students are always accompanied by a faculty member and a resident and they have been doing this since many years at Edhi, Patel Hospital etc as regular part of their curriculum. They are currently visiting SINA Healthcare at Paposh Nagar as a part of their Family medicine rotation. But the AKU authorities are often concerned about their security. NA-250 is much safer and I am sure AKU can be encouraged to send the students to these community clinics on this basis. Please do make this difference in the healthcare of this city and show these corrupt MQM and PPP people how government facilities can also provide quality healthcare. Once started I am sure other private medical colleges and hospitals in the city will follow.

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  • Mohammad Ahraz Hussain