Sir I am a resident of NA-250. You guys are doing a great job but I have a suggestion. I know that right now your main focus is education and health, which is a good thing, but I think if devote some of your resources to the development of infrastructure then that would be tremendous. Two things which I have in mind are road carpeting and encroachments. I had this in my mind for a long time but I didn't bring it up because I believed that there were other more grave concerns in this constituency, which you guys are handling tremendously, but now almost two years have passed and I believe its about time you guys give attention to these problems as well. With every passing day, the traffic in getting insane in this city. Thinking about going out somewhere when offices get off/leaving office(between 5:30pm-8:00pm) it sounds like a tedious job after a long day at work. If you can repair the roads in the constituency I can promise you that you will win this seat again for sure! Everyone will vote for you! The aim of PTI is to make live easier of a citizen who is already troubled with various different ills of this country be it justice, security or inflation. I, being a member of office going class know their pain and they really want you to fix this problem since most of the times it takes hours to commute back n forth from the office. So please fix(carpet) the roads in adjoining areas of Bath Island, Cantt.(specially McNeil road and Adam road), Gizri, road leading from Kala pul to Jinnah Hospital(extremely bad condition), and Chanesar road. Encroachments in adjoining areas of saddar(specially mobile market), burns road, zainab market, kabootar chowk and civil hospital. Please work upon parking spaces as well to me made available in these office areas, I know that will take a while but please keep that mind. If you fix these two problems then I can bet you a majority of residents of NA-250 will be really happy with you. Also, one more thing that I have noticed is that not a lot of people know the work you guys are doing, they do not know about this website and do not really follow the facebook pages and ask what has PTI done uptill now. So, I suggest that where ever you guys are working make sure there are huge PTI banners so that every passer by see the work PTI is doing and Install board where PTI has done any construction work or other things so people know what you guys are up to. Publicize as much as you are publicizing on-line because not a lot of people use the internet and we're not a party representing only the middle class but also the lower class so keep them in mind as well. maybe you can give out flyers to tell the residents the list of things that have been done in their constituency so that they can decide if justice to their vote has been done or not and through that way you can also ask for help and Feedback which is very important in today's time. you need to have their consent. These were my suggestions. Hope you will like them and give them a good thought about how to work on these things. I will be eagerly waiting to see you guys work in this sector too and wish you all the best and thank you for all the amazing work you guys are already doing. Thankyou. AYI AYI PTI!!! LETS MAKE NAYA NA-250!

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  • Omer Humayun