Alternate Dispute Resolution Bill

It was matter of great pride for me when the Alternate Dispute Resolution Bill introduced by me in 2015 (see the full text here - ) it was passed in the National Assembly during the last session.  The bill went through the committee where the government brought its own version and both the bills were then clubbed together.

I must acknowledge that the real efforts over the years on this issue were made by the late Mr Justice (R) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui, however typically the government neither recognised its own Governor nor the prime mover of the bill, that was me, for the efforts made. 

However the Bill in its final form is a good piece of legislation and has the potential of reducing the burden on the courts. It will be used in civil disputes and encourage people to resolve their problems through mediation and reconciliation.  In my speech I tried to make the parliamentarians understand the merits of the bill and the concept of mediation itself which few people can really grasp. It is different from arbitration. Must watch:

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