Bogus McCormick security device still used in Pakistan

McCormick_device.jpgThis bogus device is still being used in Pakistan for security at the airports and different other installations. The inventor James McCormick is in jail for fraud.  It gives a false sense of security that something is being done.  Read my question in National Assembly which was put up in August 2014

Question in National Assembly in August 2014


Will the Minister of Interior be pleased to state that:

a)   What is the efficacy of the McCormick devices that are being used at airports for bomb detection?

b)   How many devices were purchased and were PPRA rules followed?

c)    What was the cost of purchase, who was the supplier and who approved this purchase?

d)   Is the Govt aware that the inventor James McCormick has been sentenced to ten years in jail in UK in May 2013 for selling these fake devices?

Dr Arif Alvi

MNA from NA 250

The above question did not come up directly, but I did mention this hoax being perpetrated on us in the name of security in another speech in NA

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