CBC Threatens to kick out DHA residents

Sammy_Tribune.JPGOn Tuesday April 4th at CBC office MPA Samar Ali Khan and his team went to strongly argue for the water supply in this area, There is already a water crisis in the area, to make matters worse CBC has decided to charge an additional Rs 500 from all water tankers coming into the area, taxpayers, who already are paying water tax for "no-water" have the right to protest this

The Additional CEO was very abusive to all attendees including to the MPA, and asked them to immediately leave his offices, all stood their ground, the CFO then scampered off to the CEO's office claiming that 100's of people have ransacked his offices, the video will show a normal number of people peacefully arguing the issue of water. He categorically said – "Move out of DHA as CBC will NOT provide you water"

After a few hours of stand-off PTI has decided to launch a stronger protest on Thursday April 6th morning 8:30am at CBC offices
If YOU care for water in your area, then make your voice heard, it is not politics but it is about standing for your cause, unless you dont come out, no one will care

Tribune Story - https://tribune.com.pk/story/1374377/dha-residents-cry-foul-water-crisis/

MPA Samar Ali Khan, said that residents have planned a protest in front of CBC Office on Thursday. He was of the view that the residents who pay the taxes have a right to demand answers about overcharging in the name of water tanker services.

“CBC are giving us lame excuses,” he said. “In DHA Phase VIII, the houses are built but there are no water lines. What does it mean? It is citizens’ right to be provided tap water.

The CBC must set up the infrastructure and provide water to every household.”

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