CCB Meeting with Brig Farrukh Waseem

10314484_10152142445983063_6333574972717434404_n.jpgDr Arif Alvi, Samar Khan & Khurrum Sher Zaman met Brigadier Farrukh Waseem head of Clifton Cantonment Board as follow-up of works done after our meeting one month ago. On Security, Water, Tanker Mafia, Street/Traffic Lights, Encroachments, Garbage, Playgrounds, Schools etc. Progress discussed and further timelines were decided. Brig Farrukh though recently appointed is on top of issues. Good mutual cooperation exists between us, the political side and CCB. Now we have to get civil administration on board.

On Security, DHA Vigilance team on mobiles (24 of them) has no policing mandate so we will approach the IG to depute police officers with them. Community policing proposals would be studied in our next meeting. For containers and trucks going thru main roads exit/entry should be ensured and barriers constructed on inside roads. Any reports of criminals or terrorists residing in Defence should be pursued as an emergency by police. Mobile snatching incidents, mugging, soliciting etc need to be handled in cooperation with community vigilance teams and Karachi Police. We will meet police officials during the next few days.

10309680_10152142445973063_8277791703721522644_n.jpgNew contract is being placed for LED street lights. Two main roads Khy Ittehad and Korangi Road will be done first. Cost will be recovered in a couple of years on electricity saving. Traffic lights are also being changed as many not working. CCB as retrained 50 from its staff into traffic wardens with TP Karachi cooperation. DHA is deputing 40 traffic wardens in Phase 8. Two machines have been bought for reflective paint lane marking. So good progress since our last meeting.

Water. There are 1500 tankers supplying water in CCB. The water supply except for the bill payment issue KWSB/KESC has increased and will increase further. In a month the pressure should increase except a few areas where there are no pipes or water has to go uphill. The estimate is that the tanker need would go down by 700 and piped water supply would increase. In areas of tanker supply water is being sold. Community groups would be entrusted rather than individuals. But this is not an easy matter and needs weekly follow-up with all agencies working together.

10320426_10152142446023063_2699646677109596860_n.jpgThe unregulated/unplanned multi-stories coming up in Abadis add to congestion and are a serious danger, in an earthquake for example. In the short term it was decided to request NESPAK to join with CCB and us to do a survey from which a pilot project of one area would be started for safe housing without displacing people. Encroachments in different areas would be removed this month starting from under Gizri Bridge then along the road from Gizri to Zamzama. Also on roads going into Punjab Colony and Dehli Colony

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