Cleanliness Drive in Pak Jamhuria Colony

Cleanliness_Drive_Pak_Jamhuria.jpgCleanliness is next to Godliness as the saying goes. One thing which Islam teaches the most is Taharat, but what we have done is that we have ignored the real for the ritual. In Pak Jamhuria Colony we have recently set up a صحولت مرکز (Sahulat Markaz) which has a BHU (Basic Health Unit) which will have a Doctor giving free attention to mothers and children, a سستا تندور (Sasta Tandoor) which supplies meals (2 Naans and one bowl of Daal) and a Water Filteration Plant.

NA250 team has always been eager to promote cleanliness in our area, whether it is the Clifton beach or the Katchi Abadis. The most obvious site around a garbage dump is plastic, the never degrading environmental hazard. It just stays around forever. But because it is a cheap bag, it is not going anywhere in the near future except as an ugly component of our garbage, flying around in the streets and blocking the drains.

A Katchra Kundi is the first need so that people do not dump health hazardous garbage on the road. But then we see that Katchra is still dumped not inside but mostly outside the Kundi by the community dwellers. In all the Katchi Abadis our effort therefore is to involve the community and that is where our Community Development Project becomes very important (Please see

The site we selected was the worst of the Abadi and it was right next to our Sahulat Markaz.  If we, the elected reps Samar Khan MPA and myself (Dr Arif Alvi) as well as the community, are concerned about the health of the residents, we must provide clean drinking water and clean hygienic living conditions.

The garbage was being dumped in a scattered manner and the regular government agencies (Railway is responsible here) picks it up infrequently, leading to a bad smell and a huge dirty area with children playing around.  Mr Samar Khan, and Mr Saleemuddin Kazi requested Railways and Clifton Cantonment Board to help also (though it is not their area). One truck and staff was sent by Railways and two dumpers by CCB.

Our entire team then helped clean up the area. Area residents also joined in and the message for them was that once cleaned they themselves keep it clean while NA250 team will keep on reminding the agencies to regularly pick up the garbage.  I must thank them and will post a picture too.  When we publicise these issues, it is to let people know that their elected parliamentarians are working for them as well as encourage other representatives and the common man to keep his living areas healthy, by simply disposing off garbage in an organised manner.

Dr Arif Alvi

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