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If you have any feedback, questions or complaints that you would like to share with your elected representatives please contact our officers

Office of MNA: Dr. Arif Alvi & MPA - Khurrum Sherzaman 
Address: 20-D, 14th Street, Khy-e-Shamsheer, DHA Phase 4, Karachi 
Email: & 
Phone: 0324-2229990 

Office of MNA: Dr. Arif Alvi & MPA - Samar Ali Khan 
Address: E-23, 2nd. Zamzama Commercial Lane, DHA-5, Karachi 
Email: & 
Phone: 021-35822856 

You may also fill the form below.  Insha'Allah we strive to solve all issues to the best of our ability


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  • Sajid Khan

    I’m resident of dha phase 5 and I have complaint against gutter overflow to CBC and cosntant coomplanting but no buddy care about since we have vote for you and elect you kindly help us.

    This is my complaint no.

    Dear Resident, Your Complaint No. CMP-67205 with Subject Gutter Overflow has been Registered on Date:27 Jul 2018. For further queries call 111-800-900. Cantonment Board Clifton
  • Muhammed Hanif
  • M. Yousuf ali Khan
    Sir I want to join PTI as workers, So plz i need your Guidance whom to contact and how to take part in Party.
  • Bilal Jeewa
    Sir I want to join PTI as workers, So plz i need your Guidance whom to contact and how to take part in Party.
  • Sofia Paracha
    Kindly resolve drainage system issue in Main Bahadrabad All roads are covered with dirty water due to blockage in gutters. Please see if you can resolve this issue.

    And Thanku for resolving the garbage issue by placing big Garbage boxes all over our area.

  • Khawar Iqbal
    Congratulation big victory in karachi
  • Saba Tahir Saba tahir
    Pit threek insf good mujhy pit join krna h so plz help me
  • Saba Tahir Saba tahir
    Pit threek insf good mujhy pit join krna h so plz help me
  • Najam Siddiqui
    I would like to inform that some activists have sprayed black colour on Firdous shamim, and tonight police mobile have torn and threw PTI posters from g.johar pehlwan goth.
  • Noman Ahmed
    I ,as a resident of phase 7 DHA, would like to see a bettter system of policing in the whole of Defence area. Including a better job by the police to stop house Robberys and actual catching the culprits.

  • Tariq khan
    جناب عارف علوی صاحب

    اسلام علیکم

    الیکشن 2018 میں کراچی کی زیادہ تر عوام بے یقینی میں مبتلا ہیں وہ ابھی تک ووٹ کا فیصلہ کرنے میں کنفیوز ہیں۔ آپ کے پاس اس طرح کے تجزیے موجود ہوں گے، اگر آپ مناسب سمجھے تو میرے پاس کچھ تجاویز موجود ہیں جس سے نہ صرف لوگ اس بے یقینی سے باہر آئے گے بلکہ آپ کے ووٹ میں بھی بڑے گا ،

    جلد رابطہ کر لیں

    Best regard

    Mohammad Tariq


  • iQBAL Quadir
    Thanks for giving hope to the country and the people. Insha Allah continued truth would lead to victory at all levels in the coming elections.

    I want to point to point out an anamoly concerning voting.

    We live in Phase 2 of DHA and my grandson in Ph 6. I find our voting booths in Saddar Town Streets in the City Court Area. Can something be done about it? Twice tried phoning the Distt Office but calls remained unanswered.

    If other residents of DHA have similar problem then it could be organized dhandli.

    Please help and thanks. Iqbal F Quadir CNIC: 42301-9810747-7 with Res: 1/A-1, 13th South Street, DHA PH2
  • yousaf shahid
  • Ahmed Hassan
    please guide me how to transfer my vote, i am living in dha phase 2 from last 10 years
  • Waqas Chohan
    Sir ! Please start campaign to build new forest parallel to malir river & liyari river.

    This will be a great cause to reduce the chance of heat strokes.
  • Barkat Ali
    Contact MNA's & MPA's of #NA250 #PTI - @Arif Alvi @SamarKhanPTI & @KhurrumZamanPTI
  • Barkat Ali
  • Barkat Ali
    Reminder # 4:

    Please refer to my e-mail and complaint Numbers SAD00001029 and 5999 booked on 14th of March 2018 in respect of Gutter overflows at Lane No. G of Street # 3/Park Avenue/ Khayaban-e-Rumi , Kehkashan Block-7, Clifton (UC-11-Saddar Town) and subsequently reminders of 16th and 19th March 2018.

    We, residents of Lane-G are passing a miserable life due to choke-age of Sewerage line frequently. For last two months. Main sewerage line from Main Hole at Plot Number D-14 onward to Upto D-24 ( Three plots, D-14,15,24 and Lane-H), is chocked and in chain reaction, Lane-G is full of water due to its lower level. (Sewerage water flows in reverse direction). In the month of March we (Residents of D-12 and D-13) Paid about PRs. 10,000/= to the Sanitary worker in three installments, i.e on 1st, 9th and 22nd March 2018, after observing a huge sewerage water overflows on Lane-G road. He cleaned three times main line but all in vain. Again water sewerage line overflow started on yesterday the 26th March 2018. According to Sanitary worker Mr. Saleem (0306-0827413), there is a bottle Neck in Sewerage pipe-line laid on street #3, from Plot D-14 to D-24. Without replacement of Sewerage pipe line problem could not be solved.

    You are again requested to please do needful for permanent solution of Sewerage system at Lane-G. (Replace the pipe line from Plot # D-14 to D24 (Three plots and Lane-H).


    (Barkat Ali)

    Address: Plot # D-12, Lane-G, Street#3,

    Park Avenue, Khayaban-e-Rumi,

    Kehkashan, Clifton, Karachi-75600.

    (UC-11, Saddar Town).

    Customer # A 028 0012 000 A

    Cellular Phone # 033-3309-7977

    Member Parliament of Pakistan Tahrek-e-Insaf (NA-250 and PS-112) : You have never care about problems of Karachiities. Would you please heed to our problems now in the year 2018, as this is the year of Election of MPs of National Assembly and Provincial Assembly. One seat can change the scenario
  • Sheikh Naveed
    I’ve registered Anti-Dog Complaint #7822 and called back multiple times but those guys don’t seem serious in making this happen. Can you please help in this regard?
  • Amin Laghari
    Hi. Sir i want to join PTI please suggest me prosiduer I’m from dist Mirpurkhas tahseel digri sir i have tried many time to contact any authorise person but I can’t found i was contact with Mr. Dawa Khan information secretary karachi he also hold me sir i have 300+ vote from our village and our UC and they are agreed with me. We are tottaly dissaponted from PPP sir there is no any other person for PTI i want UC sadar seat and i will performed as your requirement. Please support

    Best regards

    Amin Laghari

    Cell 03003322709
  • AhmOo Alee
    Contact MNA's & MPA's of #NA250 #PTI - @Arif Alvi @SamarKhanPTI & @KhurrumZamanPTI
  • AhmOo Alee
  • Ahmed ali sheikh
  • S Qadeer
  • shahid anwar
    Not a single drop of water for dha ph 8

    263/1 32 street khy roomi
  • Amanda Beteille
    We are interested to increase traffic to your website, please get back to us in order to discuss the possibility in further detail.
  • Aman Shah
  • Alkesh Kumar
    I am in such depressions plz solve it
  • Alkesh Kumar
    I am in such depressions plz solve it
  • kamran rizki