Counter Terrorism Strategy with Same Tool.

Asslam-O-Alaikum! Dr. Sahib, I would like to suggest that as the biggest terror threat is TTP that uses religion as smoke screen or false flag to hide their crimes; we mus counter them with the same strategy. We the Muslims due to limited knowledge of Islam as Deen get duped by the exploiters who use religion as tool. We must educate the people about the Ahadees-e-Nabvi pbuh regarding the Khawarij; whose identification/signs have been detailed by Nabi-e-Pak pbuh himself. Once we are able to show TTP real face to masses; we can easily disconnect their support from innocent masses and dry up their funding sources. End of their support from masses will alienate them. Moreover, the few Takfeeri Mullah apologist will be easy to deal with. PTI is the best stage to launch this offensive against TTP hell dogs. A sample pic attached. Note: I have one regret. At Dharna, I begged U to convey my message of "Ijtmai Tobah" to IK, but the message was not conveyed.

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