Cyber Crimes Bill Amendments submitted by Dr Arif Alvi

DSC_0135.JPGDr Arif Alvi has submitted 52 amendments to the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015. There have been serious concerns about this bill that the powers gained by the government would be misused to silence the social media.  All parties and stake holders agree that the bill in its present form is flawed and may lead to serious miscarriage of justice.

After submission of amendments the government should try incorporate them in the main document if it is serious to develop a fair law that can prevent cyber crimes but allows ample freedom of expression.  There are many instances where without a creative addition of the word 'male fide' intent every act of data/disc repair will bring a person into the ambit of cyber crime.  After 'mala fide' intent has been described a number of clauses can be improved with this safety feature.

The amendments can be read here:

but it would be wise to read the amendments with the actual Prevention of Cyber Crimes Bill 2015 before you, so as to see exactly how does the amendment modify the clause.  The Bill can be read here:

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