DHA Phase II Water Issue

Meeting_Residents_Ph_2.jpgI visited DHA Phase II on Saturday 16/5/15 to hear the complaints of the residents of the area along with our elected Ward II President Mr Jameel. The primary issue of course was scarcity of water.  This issue is disturbing to residents of the area because in their midst they have a 400,000 gallon underwater storage tank which was used to supply water to them.  Now 160 tankers on an average everyday get their fill to supply other areas and this area itself is thirsty.

DA_Phase_2_hydrant.jpgOf course it creates a lot of anger. On confirmation after a few calls, and from the people in charge of the hydrant it was found that about 200,000 gallons flows in every day and about 160,000 gallons is taken away by DHA tankers to be supplied elsewhere while the residents have had no water since last many days.  On Monday 18th our Ward President Mr Jameel will take up this issue with Clifton Cantonment Board.

Another major issue of the area is car repair workshops which have one small shop but 10 cars on the road under repair or just parked there. This is a cause of great inconvenience to the residents. Mr Jameel will approach CCB in this regard to take help.  A park in Phase II was also visited by us. See details in another blog on parks and environment.

Those who accompanied us on this area inspection were Mr Jameel (Ward President) Mr Aslam Khaliq (Ward President of Phase 4) Mr Shahzad Qureishi an enthusiastic member of our team, Mr Saleem Kazi and Mrs Samina Alvi.

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