Dr Arif Alvi visits Sehwan Sharif after suicide attack

WhatsApp_Image_2017-02-17_at_2.05.16_PM.jpegHave been in Sehwan since early morning. Total chaos people are very angry — MS of Sehwan's 200 bed hospital told me that they have only 5 doctors & no surgeon

Only First aid possible in Sehwan's 200 bed hospital so all dying & injured in the attack very sent hours away to Nawabshah & Jamshoro sadly many have died on the way

The 50 bed Trauma Center in Sehwan hospital was totally empty with ZERO patients & was being washed in preparation for Nawaz Sharif & Chief Minister Sindh visit. Emergency had only one patient

All those who are watching / reading this are in part responsible for allowing this to happen to Sindh & Pakistan, including myself.

Are the poor meant to only suffer & die? Ironically the only Sehwan hospital is being washed & cleaned "today" being prepped up for the Prime Minister's visit ....

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