Dr Arif Alvi supports Tameer-e-School Program in KPK

Arif-Alvi-Tameer-School1.jpgDr Arif Alvi has extended his fully support for the KPK Govt Tameer-e-School program found at http://tameer-e-school.pk/ - this initiative is a brilliant effort to rebuild schools in KPK, the PTI Education Minister Atif Khan has worked hard to initiate this project where schools in delapidated conditions need urgent repair. 

In a message on twitter Dr Arif Alvi also shared that similar concept which should be underway in the NA250 constituency to help revamp and rebuild the 42 government school located in our area, allowing well wishers the ability to directly rebuild these schools, with full transparency, to better enable education for our children 

By identifying any school of your choice on the Tameer-e-School website one can donate to a particular school or school item or even contribute to a fund in general - once the funds are received you will be issued a tracking number and be kept updated on each development that takes place using actual GPS tagged pictures of the development work in progress

More about the program can be read here & anyone can donate online (minimum Rs 2000) one can see their donations in action and they can change the lives of school children in KPK 

Do you also support this cause? if so, Donate at the website & then also share a selfie proudly supporting the cause. We together can change Pakistan, literally one child / school at a time

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