ECP Reports of Failed Biometric Voting System in Haripur

ECP-Biometric-Voting-haripur-600x330.jpgECP reports that the Biometric Verification System failed in Haripur, its sad as in Parliamentary Electoral Reforms Committee, I kept on urging the ECP to not focus on online bio-identification for voting will fail and lo-behold they now report a failure in Haripur

ECP deliberately wanted to show that Biometric ID & EVMs can't work & were trying their best to poorly run tests to prove it as such. Government needs to force ECP to do it the right way to benefit the nation

My argument to ECP/NADRA is to do biometric-ID verification in an offline mode with data for each respective polling station (~1000 voters) stored at each station in a secure manner, no need to be depend on telcom network connectivity to verify.

Biometric-ID's should be used in addition to the existing methods which are:

1- The person himself/herself is present to vote
2- Has his/her original CNIC 
3- Photo on CNIC (may not be exact, but adds to a causal verification)
4- Address as listed on CNIC & on Voter list
5- Age on ID card can be correlated visually 
6- Male or Female
7- Fingerprint Biometric ID

Out of 7 identification items to be used, Biometric fingerprint-ID is one of them. I then propose the ECP/NADRA to lower the threshold of biometric fingerprint acceptance. If the banking sector requires 80 thumb markers to approve, voting EVM's can function with 25 thumb markers to offer a degree of acceptability. This is used in conjunction with the above 5 points: Person, CNIC, Voting Address, Age, Photo & Sex. If the Fingerprint does not match the vote should not be automatically rejected - but like other 6 Identification markers it can be used to further verify the voter and help improve accuracy.

Confusion is (1) - Biometric ID may be used to reject voter (unless it is 100% accuracy, it can't be done) (2) -Online rather than offline is being used which fails

JFKennedy announced in 1962 that before 1970 we wil be on the moon and in 1969 they landed on the moon. They developed systems and invented as they needed.

What I believe strongly is that India needed a system so they developed EVM in 1986. We cant do it even today because there is lack of leadership. Even after 30 years of India doing it we are picking out faults in their system and refusing to develop or adopt one for ourselves.

Govt has to force ECP to ensure:
1-FingerPrint biometric be used as part of Identification process at voting
2-EVM with voter verified paper ballot
3-Overseas Pakistanis voting

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