Appreciation by Railway Minister for Rehabilitating Railway School

Saad_Rafique_praises_Arif_Alvi_NA250.jpegMr Saad Rafique Minister of Pakistan Railways in a Tweet acknowledged our work regarding Railway School and praised TCF also. I have heard that on 13th October Mr Rafique thanked me publicly on a TV show. When my name is taken, it is only as one leader of this excellent team so I thank you all specially Samar Khan MPA, Samina, Zahid Sahib and many more.

PTI Education team did a fantastic job in rehabilitating the Railway School in NA250 PS113. Since these efforts were undertaken under a tri-partite agreement between us (Dr Arif Alvi MNA & Samar Khan MPA), The Citizen’s Foundation and Ministry of Railways that was signed in July 2015 the enrollment went up to its maximum from 750 students to 1350 students, and remarkably the pass percentage in matric has improved from 19% to 73%.

When you do good work you will be acknowledged. All of you helped as a team.

It is a classic example of what is possible in all fields of public service if there is nonpartisan cooperation. It makes us proud when despite our huge political difference with PMLN our work is mentioned so boldly by Mr Saad Rafique. Without putting politics aside, this service for the poor of NA250/PS113 could not have happened. 

Railway Ministry deserves full credit in allowing us to do this work and uplift the Railway School and for their cooperation on a regular basis.

Our thanks to TCF in this partnership without whom this would not have been possible and for their continuous efforts in improving the standard of education.

I must recognise the help of our donors Hats off to our sponsors who provided millions to this cause. who must hold their head high in an ideal cooperative effort that helped the education of poor children and did wonders in our constituency.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Arif Alvi

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