Free Eye Camp held in Lower Gizri NA250

Women at CampA free eye camp was held in Lower Gizri on Sunday 11th January 2014, under the auspices of NA250 Health Committee of PTI, the Insaf Community Welfare Society (ICWS), and Al-Baseer Eye Hospital. About 400 patients were examined. Some patients were given medicines, some were provided glasses and some were called in to the hospital for further free treatment. Many patients were scheduled for free Cataract surgery sponsored by ICWS donors and others for further free treatment to the hospital.

NA250 Health Committee led by MPA Dr Seema Zia & Dr Sanjay successfully organised the Eye Camp in collaboration with Al-Baseer Eye Hospital. The camp’s set up and running was done by youth volunteers and the local neighbourhood Tanzeem.

The event generated very high interest among the Mohalla community who brought all eye patients of all ages for screening. Visits by PTI Senior leadership Mr. Ali Zaidi, Mr. Samar Ali Khan and Dr Seema Zia further added to the motivation as it was a good opportunity for Mohalla people to speak directly with the PTI leadership. Al Baseer Eye Hospital was represented by  Dr Muhammad Khizar Bashir, who led a team of doctors and qualified and trained eye technicians.

Total number of patients screened were  385  (Females + children= 208  &  Males= 177)

  1. Patients with Minor Eye Complaints like allergies, eye irritation etc., were provided eye drops and medicines free of cost, then and there, to treat these ailments.
  2. Patients with weak eyes sights and those above 40 years old: Their distance vision was fine but had developed myopia (near sightedness) that is common for people older than 40 years. These patients were provided readymade standard free pair of glasses to improve their vision. The first two categories of patients accounted for roughly 65% of the total number of people examined at the camp.
  3. Patients referred for detailed examination to a hospital: These patients were found with weak distance vision, had diabetes or were small children with eye sight problems. Such patients needed detailed examination and were referred to the hospital by providing a small poster with the address and contact details.  Such patients accounted for roughly 25% of the total number. (Details being collated by the Al- Baseer team.)
  4. Patients diagnosed with cataract: The patients who were identified to require cataract surgery had their Blood Pressure and Sugar levels taken. Patients with no health issues were listed down for cataract surgery. While the patients who had BP or sugar control problem were referred to a physician first to control sugar levels etc prior to the surgery. Around 5% to 10% of the patients were screened for cataract surgery.  (Details being collated by the Al-Baseer In short summary, the eye camp screened/ diagnosed patients requiring immediate treatment, i.e., visual aid, a higher degree of detailed medical examination or surgical intervention for treatment.


An understanding has been reached with Al-Baseer to follow up with all referred/surgery cases with quality treatment. Cost of holding the camp was borne by ICWS. Cost on patients requiring further investigation, surgery & treatment will be also be borne by ICWS through an exceptional arrangement.

Dr Shahnaz, with the help of leaflets spoke to the waiting patients on Oral Hygiene, motivating them to adapt healthy habits and to stop consuming Chalia, Paan, Gutka & other addicting items which can cause Oral or GIT Cancers.

We would like to thank; Dr Khizar, his team at Al-Baseer Eye Hospital; NA250 Health Committee members (Dr Seema Zia, Dr Sanjay, Dr Samiya, Mr. Kazi Saleemuddin, Adeeba Arif, Dr Shahnaz, Amin Rehman, Mr. Mustafa & Beenish Junejo); all volunteers, Mohalla people and ICWS donors for supporting this worthy cause. 

More photographs can be seen on my the Facebook page of Dr Alvi at

This great philanthropic project is being carried out under a Registered Charity which is called the Insaf Community Welfare Society.  Details can be seen at:

For those who want to donate please do so directly into the account: Insaf Community Welfare Society, A/C 14478299, NIB Bank Zamzama Br Karachi, SwiftCode:NIBPPKKA, IBAN:14478299 or send a cheque in the name of Insaf Community Welfare Society to: E-22, 2nd Zamzama Lane, DHA Karachi.

Mr Zahid Asghar

Insaf Community Welfare Society

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  • Amin Rehman
    The Eye Camp was very successful and 385 patients were checked
    People in the Gizri area were very happy and requested to arrange more health camps.
  • Amin Rehman