Free Eye Camp planned in NA250

A Free Eye Camp is being organised by the Health Team of NA250, which is headed by PTI MPA Dr Seema Zia, in Lower Gizri.  This is the latest in a series of One-Day Health Camps which have been set up in the Colonies area of NA250.  These areas have poor residents for whom access to medical care is very limited.  PTI NA250 team is establishing many Basic Health Units (BHUs), one of which is under construction in the Railway Colony which is called a Sehat Markaz.

Sehat Markaz also has a water filtration plant for the area and a Sasta Tandoor which will provide meals every day.

The frequency of untreated eye diseases is high in Pakistan. Cataract or clouding of vision because of an ageing opaqueness of the lens of the eye is the most common eye ailment along with some other problems such as glaucoma and retinal disorders.  

The free Eye Camp is being organised with the help of Al-Baseer Eye Foundation which is a good charity devoted to eye diseases.  Patients would be examined, some treatments will be provided on site, and cataract surgery patients would be scheduled for free surgery and replacement with an artificial  lens in the eye.  The cost of all these surgeries will be borne by Mr Zulqarnain Ali Khan who is a PTI leader and a leading philanthropist who regularly helps arrange Ramzan ration distributions also.

A meeting was held in NA250 office at Zamzama which decided the following procedures.

1. A token system for managing the patients will be used. Ms Adeeba Arif will make and arrange a total of 250 tokens which is the maximum number of patients which can be seen

2. Venue Arrangements are being handled by Saleem Kazi in Lower Gizri

3. Dr. Seema Zia expressed her concern for lack of sufficient medical staff at the previous camp. She suggested two experienced doctors and four technicians should be the minimum requirement. Saleem Kazi spoke to the concerned person at Al- Baseer Eye Foundation and they have agreed to the new requirement

4. Registration of patients will be managed by the NA-250 Health Committee. 

5. Details of patients requiring cataract surgeries will be informed to the NA-250 Health Committee by the Al-Baseer doctors at the camp.

6. Mr Zulqarnain Ali Khan volunteered to bear all the costs of all the cataract surgeries needed

The meeting was chaired by Dr Seema Zia and was attended by Dr. Sanjay Gangwani, Ms Adeeba Arif, Dr. Samiya Noor Khan, Beenish Ali Junejo and Mr Saleem Kazi.

All these activities are carried out under a Registered Charity which is called the Insaf Community Welfare Society.  Details can be seen at:

For those who want to donate please do so at: Insaf Community Welfare Society, A/C 14478299, NIB Bank Zamzama Br Karachi, SwiftCode:NIBPPKKA IBAN:14478299 

My thanks to these great people of our NA250 team who are doing a remarkable job of helping the poor.

Dr Arif Alvi


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