Fund Raising for Railway School Project

Alvi_Speaking_with_Shahzad_Roy.jpgA fundraising event for Pakistan Railway School was held on Sunday 1st March 2015. It was attended by Shahzad Roy, Khalid Anum and many donors. Dr Arif Alvi briefed the audience on the history of the school, the dilapidated condition in which it is at present and the possibilities of elevating it to world standard through the involvement of The Citizens Foundation.  Almost Rs 5 million were pledged on Sunday, which adds to the Rs 4.5 million pledged before.

Auditorium_Garbage.jpgThe guests were taken around the school to show them the existing condition. The first floor is totally closed as the roof can fall any time and therefore being dangerous was not visited.  However right in front of the entrance of the school and as we enter, there is this huge, once beautiful two tiered auditorium which can be seen in the photograph on the right.  The roof of the auditorium is in dangerous condition.

The Bakhtiar family has pledged the renovation and repairs of the auditorium in memory of their son Asim Bakhtiar Khan and have donated Rs 1.3 million for the same.

The Citizens Foundation will be given possession of the lower floor after renovation on 1st April to start the session.

Crowd_seated___listening.jpgWe must thank the donors who visited us on Sunday.  They toured the entire school and saw the renovations which are going on. The Insaf Community Welfare Society (an NGO which is being run by us for NA250) has already spent Rs 2.5 million. An underground tank for 10,000 gallons of water has been constructed, overhead tanks have been put into place, few class rooms have been renovated, and the toilets in one section of the building have been totally re-made with tiles and utilities.  Some of the class room floors will have to be re-done.  The wet and dry labs are about to be finished.

The boundary wall has been raised and repaired. The outside sewage and water supply line will have to be re-laid. 

Tree_Plantation_with_Team.jpgOur Environment team made arrangements for plantation of 15 trees along the boundary wall of the school.  This on the right is a Badaam tree which is a rugged tree and grows easily in Karachi.  The entire boundary wall has already been repaired and raised to improve the security of the school.  A guard room as been constructed.

Every evening hundreds of children play in the two adjacent play grounds, one of which has been cordoned off along with the school building and the other is immediately behind it. It has been decided that every evening both play grounds shall remain open for the entire colony.


What you see on the left in the distance is the primary school building which is lying deserted and abandoned.  The front of the playground area and the boundary wall is also visible in the distance and our guests are casually examining the entire area.

The Ministry of Railways has shown outstanding cooperation in particular Mr Saad Rafique, Mr Farhan Ibadatyar Khan, and Mr Nisar Memon. The MOU would be signed shortly between us, TCF and the Ministry.

Team.jpgI must thank Mrs Samina Alvi who was the organiser of this fund-raiser and her very enthusiastic team which includes Zarmina Bakhtiar, Muniza Aftab, Rukhsana Akram, Saira Baqar, Lubna Ayub and many more. Thanks are due to Dr Seema Yazdani Zia and her health team members who were present and Mr Khurrum Sherzaman MPA from PS112 who graced the occasion.  Mr Samar Ali Khan MPA 113 was not present as he was being awarded fellowship for his contributions in the field of architecture in Peshawar. Thanks are also due to Mr Amin the leader of NA250 education team, Mr Zahid Asghar of ICWS, Mr Saleem Kazi and all the volunteers of the Abadi led by Khursheed Tanoli. Most of the team members are visible in this photograph on the left.

These philanthropic projects are being carried out under a Registered Charity which is called the Insaf Community Welfare Society.  Details can be seen at:

For those who want to donate please do so directly into the account: Insaf Community Welfare Society, A/C 14478299, NIB Bank Zamzama Br Karachi, SwiftCode:NIBPPKKA, IBAN:PK32 NIBP 0000 0000 1447 8299 or send a cheque in the name of Insaf Community Welfare Society to: E-22, 2nd Zamzama Lane, DHA Karachi.

Dr Arif Alvi


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