Governor's Houses Conversion to Public Use Bill

Gov_House_Lahore.jpgThe ostentatious Governor’s Houses in all the provincial capitals of Pakistan are the remnants of a colonial era and an opulent style of living that is in direct contradiction with the values of an emancipated citizenry.  While the poor are living in misery, majority being below the poverty line with limited shelter, these mansions not only require huge expenditure to maintain but also show an aloofness of the ruler from the masses.  This distance and accompanying display of power and wealth was used to keep the natives and the vassals subservient.

In view of the serious financial constraints being faced by the Government of Pakistan, visible austerity measures should be under taken by the Central and Provincial Governments to show to the public that while they are being subjected to enhanced taxation and increased inflation, their public representatives are also adopting a living standard which is reflective of the new realties.

Such contradictions in Pakistan today not only create social and economic stress but continue to weaken the will of the people to stand up for their rights, and perpetuates a class difference where the officials are high and mighty while the citizen is weak.

The bill intends to convert Governor’s Houses from living mansions undergoing huge expenses, into buildings open to and for use of the public at large in a dignified manner.

It has been drafted by me with help from our lawyers and was signed by 10 MNAs including Mr Imran Khan. It was submitted in NA in the last session.


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  • Governor's Houses Conversion to Public Use Bill
  • Dr. Arif Alvi
    Thanks Tanveer Sahib and Gazoo Martian,

    You have seen the budget. It is purely capitalistic (the raw and naked kind). No austerity measures. BMW’s and sniffer dogs. hardly any mention of mazdoor and kisaan. G House bill challenges the status quo to recognise reality. It is very symbolic