Govt School Repairs by NA250 team in Qayyumabad

The Government School in Qayyumabad is in a very dilapidated condition. The NA250 team did some improvements last year with some philanthropic efforts when class rooms were painted and the school yard was raised and cemented.  However a lot more needs to be done. So the task has been taken up by Mr Fuad Yusuf and his family (you see him in the picture with his son).

The entire philanthropic work done in NA250 is implemented through a registered charity which is called the 'Insaf Community Welfare Society'. Every donation is directed through the bank and diligent accounting procedures are followed.  There is no dearth of funds if people know their money is being spent honestly and fairly.

The work at the school has started and Mr Samar Khan, myself and our entire team visited the area on Saturday 27th December 2014.  As the boundary wall is not secure stray dogs were lounging around in the sun.  

The situation as listed below and repairs needed are almost like making a new school:

  1. We examined the toilets which are totally out of order, no water, no drainage, no doors.  They will have to be repaired with new piping, along with purchase and installation of two new fibreglass overhead tanks.  Repair work is needed on the underground tank also.
  2. Half of the class rooms had no desk only torn 'chatais'. Mr Fouad Yusuf explained that some of the desks can be repaired but new ones will be purchased.
  3. Windows were broken, with no netting.
  4. Sewerage line has to be re-laid, and rain water drain will be created.
  5. Boundary wall to be raised.
  6. There has to be a cleanup of the general garbage lying around and trees need to be planted around.

It will be a labor of love for the NA-250 team with philanthropy from Mr Fuad Yusuf and his family who are all active members of our team.  Mr Samar Khan our MPA is an architect and will help in implementation of the entire construction work needed.

Qayyumabad is generally in very bad shape itself, with gutter water flowing on the streets. Some part of it is owned by DHA and some but the Commisionarate of Karachi.  Raja Azhar our PTI leader residing in the area and our local PTI stalwarts took us around to show the problems as well as highlight the efforts being made by them and MPA Samar Khan. We also visited the house of Padre James Daniel for condolence. His 30 year old son James Daniel died of a heart attack.

Details of the bank account for donations for many charitable works being done in NA250 are as follows:

Insaf Community Welfare Society, A/C No. 14478299, NIB Bank Zamzama Street Branch SwiftCode:NIBPPKKA IBAN:14478299

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