Proof of Hasan Nawaz owning Avenfield Apartments since 2001

Hassan-768x544.jpgDr. Arif Alvi showed documents that ‘proved’ that Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif’s son Hasan Nawaz was living in the apartment in 2001 as he wrote his address as 17 Avenfield House, 118 - Park Lane, London, in a document regarding the ownership of his company Flagship Investments Limited. 

Dr. Arif Alvi added that in 2003 Hasan Nawaz also wrote the same address in the document regarding his ownership of Que Holdings Limited. “In 2003, Hasan Nawaz declared that he was the director of Flagship Investments Limited. Now though he doesn’t say he owns this apartment, but he was living there at least. Then according to the document they mortgaged that apartment with Bank of Scotland on May 21, 2004, and that is before they claim they owned the apartment”, he said. He added that the Sharif family claimed that they bought the apartments in 2006 but they were mortgaging the same apartment in 2004.



Proof on establishing that Hasan Nawaz lived in Avenfield flats since 2001 - Form 288a's submitted in 2001


Form 288a submitted in 2003 for Que Holdings limited 


Annual Return for Que Holdings submitted in 2004 bearing the Avenfield apartment address for Hasan Nawaz




Annual Return for Que Holdings limited submitted by Hasan Nawaz in 2005 having Avenfield address




Flagship Investments Limited in 2004 mortgages 12A Avenfield flat to Bank of Scotland

Please keep in mind that you can only mortgage a property to a bank, if you actually own the property – This document clearly establishes the fact that Hasan Nawaz owned Avenfield flats BEFORE 21st May 2004




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