Improving Railway Hospital & its Dispensaries in NA250

14736985445_7137eb66c7_z.jpgNA 250 delegation went to inspect Railway Hospital which is in an old British era building behind Cantt Station on 24th July '14. The Medical Superintendent briefed us on the dilapidated condition in which the building is.  Obviously this was because Pakistan Railways went through a bad phase of corruption and mismanagement  during the last whole decade.While understanding that the running of the trains is a priority our PTI team wants to help improve the health of the Railway population residing in the Railway colonies around Cantt and City station.

The delegation besides our health team members included myself, Dr Seema Savul Zia MPA Chairperson of NA250 health committee, Mr Samar Khan MPA 113 (Cantt Station and Cantt Railway Colony is in his area) and Mr Khurrum Sherzaman MPA 112 (City Station and City Railway Colony is in his area).

14550341089_314a7b7968_z.jpgRailway Hospital is a 120 bed hospital with about 30% occupancy. We were told that the staff is seriously short and doctors have not been recruited since a few years. There is no Anaesthetist so no surgery can take place.  There are only three nurses.  No medicine is given in the outpatient department in the hospital as well as in their dispensary near City station because a monthly medical allowance is paid to every employee.  The first floor of this beautiful colonial era structure is not in use because of its dangerous condition (just like the Railway school which the elected reps of NA250 are offering to improve to the Railway Minister at no cost to PR).  Similarly the Dispensary in PS 112 near City station has only one doctor, with no medicines given to patients.  

After a two hour discussion on site and with good cooperation of the staff we concluded that there are three issues in which the elected reps and their team can play a role.

  1. Improving Railway Hospital itself which would be a huge project and we need to think of many options.
  2. Improving the City Railway Dispensary immediately through private philanthropy.
  3. Establishing a dispensary in the Railway Colony in Cantt area to provide care to Railway workers families and poor people living there again through private philanthropy.

It was decided that we will examine the two Dispensary options mentioned above, take a physical look of the site/s, evaluate possibilities and give a proposal to the Railway Minister in this regard without putting any financial burden on the Railway Ministry until they find their own footing first.

What we can do we must do to improve the health of the residents of NA250. Keep following these health updates regularly on this blog to see what your reps are doing and help us where you can.

Dr Arif Alvi

(Click Flickr below to see photographs of the visit)


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