Insaf Community Welfare Society

Insaf Community Welfare Society was established to do welfare work in NA250. It was believed that according to PTI standards we must have a very transparent accounting and reporting system.  All donations should flow into a bank account and from there dispersed according to diligent accounting standards as is necessary to create confidence in the community.  

For those who want to donate please do so

directly into the account:
Insaf Community Welfare Society, 
A/C 1447 8299, NIB Bank Zamzama Br Karachi, 
SwiftCode: NIBPPKKA, IBAN: PK32 NIBP 0000 0000 1447 8299

or send a cheque in the name of 
Insaf Community Welfare Society to: 
E-22, 2nd Zamzama Lane, DHA Karachi.

The specific objectives and the purpose of the society is described as follows:

The purpose of ICWS to provide education, health, vocational trainings and to assist the community in providing them basic facilities according the needs of education, health, vocational training, drinking sweet water, energy resources and healthy environment and utilize their services for economic growth; to build Model Community Centres known as “Insaf Community Centre” particularly in impoverished areas for improving people’s lives economically, efficiently and most conveniently through means of and by change in the social and cultural values facilitating them with peaceful interactions at individual, societal, national and global level. 

More specifically its objectives are: 

  1. To provide a neutral, non-partisan, non-sectarian, platform for the cause of human and community development, and to work for the welfare of oppressed and neglected persons especially the lower class, to develop and train manpower and to facilitate them with drinking water, basic education, health and energy or wherever the people are suffering due to poverty, starvation and unemployment particularly in NA 250 as a pilot and then throughout Pakistan;
  2. To act as a resource centre for persons, inhabitants of lower class community to impart education with knowledge, training and awareness by means of providing them tools, equipments, appliances, medicines, drugs, seeds, and scientific basic essential knowledge meant for education, health and social services including energy to generate cheapest electricity through solar mechanism and to improve and change their economic and social stature of life for their healthy environment and economic activity; 
  3. To plan and implement various programmes and social activities to strengthen the governance, management, operations and programmes for persons with the objectives of improving their lively hood and source of income and to develop their living standards in equal way of urban areas to encourage Katchi abadi & under developed areas under social program.
  4. To introduce and launch community development programs to improve governance, management, operations and provide assistance, help, outreach to oppressed persons for social and human empowerment; 
  5. To collect and disseminate reliable data and information about the social problems and to outline working plan to address the same;
  6. To create mass awareness about the issues and challenges faced by persons and the organisations working for them;
  7. To undertake advocacy with key stakeholders (particularly the government, civil society organisations, media, academia, donors and philanthropists) to address issues and challenges faced by the people of lower class working for eliminating the cruelty and development of economic and social behaviour;
  8. To create linkages among  organizations, government, business and media; and
  9. To publish and distribute books, pamphlets, periodicals, literature, and other printed matter as well as use electronic media such as web-sites, TV, radio etc. to disseminate reliable communication and other information concerning the above mentioned objectives; and
  10. To facilitate resource mobilization for organizations as well as the Network itself to active the above objectives.
  11. To undertake any other activity necessary to achieve the above objectives.

A bank account was opened with its details as under:

Insaf Community Welfare Society 
A/C 14478299,
NIB Bank Zamzama 
Br Karachi,
SwiftCode:NIBPPKKA IBAN:PK32 NIBP 0000 0000 1447 8299 

Welfare Projects in NA250 which have already been undertaken are:

  1. Filtration plants in Katchi Abadis. Each plant costs 7-10 lacs and five have already been set up.
  2. Food rations distributed in Ramzan. More than 35 lac rupees were spent this year. Recently the same was done for the Christian community in Qayyumabad.
  3. Improvement of Government Schools.
  4. Railway School Project.
  5. Alternate Dispute Resolution and Mediation training being provided to reduce conflict
  6. Health Camps
  7. Setting up of Basic Health Units
  8. Sasta Tandoors (subsidised food enters)

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  • huzaifa mirza
    The arif alvi sahab,
    Na 250
    Respected sir.
    I want to share my complain with you because my area burnsroad which also comes in NA 250 so sir i have complain that my area burnsroad street has lot of dirtness and severage dirty water so sir i request to you that you could solve this problem .
    I thankful to you and i hope that you can solve this problem.