Jamshed Ahmed Khan School Visit / Meeting

A visit was made and subsequent meeting held at Jamshed Ahmed Khan School, Hijrat Colony on Tuesday, January 25, 2017. The NA-250 Education Committee Members headed by Mrs. Samina Alvi, Saleem Kazi, Zahid Asghar, Sana Zubairi visited the school along with Vice Chairman DMC South Mansoor Sheikh, Councillors Anand Sawlani, Awais Toor and myself. PEN representatives Adeel Durvesh, Riffat Manaf and Saaed Taqi as well as DMC Education and Engineering department officials were present.

The purpose of the meeting was two-fold:

  1. Assessment of Teaching Standard conducted by PEN representatives 
  2. Up-gradation to Matriculation (Secondary School)

The Headmistresses and school staff were extremely cooperative and were open to suggestions and comments by PEN officials. Further meetings and training will be conducted in the near future.
Plans for up-gradation also finalised. Paper work to begin shortly.

A future plan of action was discussed and mutually agreed upon :

  1. A shortfall of 3 teachers are required at the school. Hiring of teachers under DMC South - preferably subject specialists and on merit basis; TCF/PEN to assess and evaluate short-listed candidates
  2. Civil Works for laboratories of Secondary School classes to be monitored by Vice Chairman Mansoor Sheikh and DMC South team; purchasing of equipment and necessary material to be shared by DMC South and NA-250 Education Committee
  3. Mansoor Sheikh has instructed DO Education to commence necessary paper work for up-gradation to Secondary School

Report prepared by - Sairah Khalid

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