Jinnah Hospital Road Recarpeted

11084026_10152827992528063_7356817903993038121_o.jpgDue to the constant efforts of MPA Samar Ali Khan the residents of Karachi have received another milestone. Rafiqui Shaheed Road, the road that leads into and out of the Jinnah Hospital towards Kalapul and Defence had been in an appalling and dilapidated condition for years. Ambulances carrying patients to and from the hospital have been unable to use this road because of overflowing gutters and huge potholes. 

887588_10152827996658063_7256840769248349295_o.jpgThrough the help of the Commissioner Karachi and Karachi Cantonment Board, this road has now been completely repaired after a gap of three long years.

The problem of continuous breakage of this road over decades had been lack of adequate drainage.  This time around we ensured that it is provided.  Dr. Arif Alvi and Samar Ali Khan visited the site on Saturday, March 21, 2015 to witness the completion of the said road and spoke with the locals of the area.

They both were very warmly welcomed and the people thanked them for repairing this road that had become a health and environmental hazard for the residents and motorists using it.


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