Khurrum Sher Zaman catches DMC employees dumping garbage

10312484_10152137395877918_6868801084773569014_n_(1).jpgKhurrum Sher Zaman catches these DMC employees deliberately dumping garbage in Clifton - Garbage is picked up but rather than taking it to the landfill at Hub Jam Chakro - they are dumping it here for monther to make this area a big mess.  He catches the video testimonial on tape

DMC employee giving his official statement. Telling orders given by his chief to dump & burn garbage in Clifton, rather then dumping at designated Land fill site which is at HUB Jam Chakro. Imagine what residents r going through on daily basis since months. Last time when I raised my voice they protested against me.

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  • Khurrum Sher Zaman