Khurrum Sher Zaman takes down Advertisment banners from Teen Talwar

12718324_10153553626753063_6938562731245110430_n.jpgOnly a day earlier to the disgust of the people of Karachi an organization with the name of My Karachi covered the national monument Teen Talwar in Karachi Clifton area with hideous panaflex's promoting their event this coming week - to the disgust of many who were viciously angered by this disrespect to the national monument there was an abundant hue and cry - but our PS-112 MPA Khurrum Sher Zaman took action.

Khurrum had initially planned to invite the media for a press conference to show his protest but by then had managed to arrange a crane, he used the high lift crane, himself jumped into the basket and went to the top to cut these banners into shreds - a few pictures are here as well as a short video showing the activity.  

It is sad that the Govt of Sindh is oblivious to the advertisement massacre they have done to the city skyline of Karachi - We in PTI continue to oppose this and shall continue 

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