Kutchehry in Omar Farooq Colony

Omar Farooq Colony is situated on the road that goes from new Kalapul towards old Kalapul & Jinnah Hospital.  MPA from PS113 Mr Samar Khan and I (Dr Arif Alvi) visited the area on 16th January 2014 and held a ‘Kutchehry’. The 300 houses community is well organized and they submitted a written list of issues to us for help. There are no lights in the narrow streets so the meeting was held inside a house.

The primary issue at the top of the list was that there is 6-8 hours of load shedding which is much more than the rest of Karachi.  Dr Alvi immediately called the concerned officials in KElectic management who gave their side of the story. KElectric states that the line losses in the local PMT area are nearly 40% because of illegal (kunda) connections and as per their policy unless the line losses drop down to 15% for three months they cannot reduce the hours of load shedding.

The community leaders agreed but said that unscrupulous elements from outside their colony place kundas. They also said and 80% people pay their bills and the rest are ready to pay if the arrears can be divided into payable instalments.  It was decided that Mr Saleem Kazi shall meet the KElectric management along with a community leader and come to a settlement reducing illegal connections and restoration of full hours of supply of electricity.

The Colony has small Katchi Abadi kind of houses with very narrow alleys in which no car can go through. It is settled on Railway land and people are eager to get lease.  Mr Samar Khan will meet DS Railways taking along a colony elder who was well versed with the situation so that the policy of Ministry of Railways in this regard be looked at and some progress can be made.

Water supply is a perpetual problem in Karachi, but here it is very severe.  The DS Railways can help in this regard too as the water connection from their line needs to be regularized.  Actually all issues are related to railways who believe that the people are illegal settlers.

A park in the area was made by CCB but because of no maintenance it needs repairs and up keep.

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