Letter from Sponsor of Classroom in Railway School

Railway_School_Classroom.jpgMr Zahoor Ahmed ex-GM of Pakistan Railways (1994) has donated Rs 600,000 to sponsor one class room in the Railway School in the name of his wife Mrs Sufia Zahoor Ahmed. I (Dr Arif Alvi) sent a thank you note to them, to which their son Mr Faisal Ahmed replied, and mentioned the family's passionate commitment to education.  I am reproducing the entire letter with their permission as it may inspire other people to look for such noble causes in life.

Dear All,
Just a quick thank you note on behalf of our parents and a short introduction of Mr. and Mrs. Syed Zahoor Ahmed.
No doubt it’s a matter of great pride for them and all of us to pitch in however small way it is for such a noble cause of rehabilitating a school and for love of our beloved Pakistan.
Both of them are retired and live in Lahore. As you all now know that our father retired as the General Manager of Pakistan Railways in 1994.  Hence we have a long association with railways.
Our mother Sufia Ahmed is a veteran educationist and retired as the head of Urdu department, Kinnaird College Lahore. Here I want to mention their loving daughter Dr. Humera Qamar who is an accomplished pediatrician from Florida and an active member of Pakistani physicians, a dedicated mother and an affectionate sister. She always goes above and beyond to help and is a regular contributor to TCF USA and many others. Their elder daughter Farah Qasim is in Dubai and as an active member of Pakistani community she also does a lot of work for TCF.
My wife Sara Ahmad, is a certified teacher trainer and has been involved hands on with education and she has pledged to  give time in any way required for this project.
All of us feel that investing in education for the children who are future leaders and managers of Pakistan is one of the highest priority agenda items to make a difference for our country.
Now coming back, Salute and highest level of tribute to everyone here for all the great work. We have so many friends here.
We are privileged to know Dr. Arif Alvi and Mrs Samina Alvi at a personal level through Dr. Awab and his family and specially Ryan Alvi (Awab's son)
Last few weeks we have come to know Zahid Asghar sb and cannot appreciate him enough and thank him enough for his energy and commitment.

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