Letter & Meeting with CBC regarding many pending issues of DHA area

On Friday 30th May 2014, Team NA-250 again met the CEO of Cantonment Board Clifton & presented their concerns and demands on behalf of the area residents and strongly requested him to urgently resolve many pending issues.  The meeting was very productive and we hope that with mutual cooperation the CBC will resolve many issues shortly.

The initial letter of demands presented to the CBC is reproduced below which was the basis of the entire discussion


Chief Executive Office
Cantonment Board Clifton

Subject : Issues within DHA

Dear Sir,

As, I, Samar Ali Khan MPA PS113 & Dr. Arif Alvi Member of National Assembly - NA-250 regret to inform you that we have had several meetings with you and the Chairman/Station Commander for the last 8 to 10 months. Inspite of this, none of the problems brought forward have been redressed.

We are under tremendous pressure from our voters to resolve the following problems that are being faced by them on a daily basis. This goes as a reminder to you that the residents of DHA pay taxes to you and therefore you are bound to provide relief to them on war footings.

  1. Water Problem:  Majority of the households in DHA have suction pumps installed. They must be removed immediately. The supply line of water is passing near Korangi from where a water thief is causing hindrance by stealing water before it reaches the DHA residents. It is very astonishing that the serving Brigadier who is the Chairman of CBC is helpless. DHA employees living in the official residences and the Naval Housing societies (Zamzama and PNS Shifa) have special pipelines laid by the authorities and have never paid taxes unlike the rest of the DHA residents.

    Every colony within CBC jurisdiction must have a water filtration plant installed which you have already promised but no action has been taken up till now.

    We need more water tankers/bowsers for the colonies. This should not be a reminder for you as we are the elected representatives of Parliament.

  2. Street Lights: You must be aware of the rising crimes at a very high level in DHA. One of the biggest reason is due to lack/non-availability of street lights at most of the major main and connecting roads within DHA. This is not such a big demand and can be resolved on an urgent basis if you desire so.

    Majority of traffic signals are also never working or have never worked since their installation.

  3. Roads: 70% of the roads need complete refurbishment for example Khayaban-e-Shujjat, Khayaban-e-Bahria, 26th Street and several others especially those routes that have the Rainwater Drainage laid. Those need immediate and major repairing.

  4. Gizri Flyover: You have removed the encroachments under the Gizri Flyover but you have provided parking space to trucks and Suzukis/minivans which is not providing any advantage or relief to the residents of DHA. You had promised to remove all and any kind of encroachment from Gizri to Zamzama for which no action has been taken so far.

    This road is a double road and if illegal encroachments are removed from both sides the load of traffic on Gizri and Zamzama will be greatly reduced.

  5. CBC Committees:  We are awaiting for your response since the past six months.

  6. Bazaar Committees:  As we are the elected members of this constituency, our representative should receive proper representation.

  7. Vigilance:  The DHA residents want the CBC Vigilance Department to become more active in curbing all crimes and illegal actions like encroachments are taking place in all areas of CBC jurisdiction.

  8. Garbage: The garbage at every colony under CBC’s jurisdiction needs to be your attention priority basis.

This is also bring to your kind notice their is no development work at any colonies which are under CBC’s jurisdiction.  

We urge you to start addressing these grievances immediately so that we and the residents of DHA notice that their issues are being resolved.

There are other issues as well that will be taken up in due course.  

Thanks and Regards,

Dr. Arif Alvi
Samar Ali Khan

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