NA-250 Water Crisis: Meeting with Minister Sharjeel Memon, KWSB & CBC for Water issues

Water-protest_CBC.jpgIn the constant effort of PTI to resolve issues of the area, a delegation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MPAs from NA-250 Mr Samar Ali Khan, Dr Seema Zia  and Mr Khurrum Sher Zaman met Mr Sharjeel Inam Memon who is the Minister of Information and Local Government regarding the serious water crisis in DHA, Clifton and PS112.    The MD of KWSB and also the Chief Engineer of CBC were also present.

Following is the discussion and the decisions which were made: 

  1. Because of the illegal timings of the operation of the Hydrant at Chakra Goth Clifton and DHA areas do not get enough water.
  2. Mr Sharjeel directed that it should operational to be from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM daily as per contract given by KWSB to water suppliers and the filling points of the Hydrant would be reduced from four to two
  3. CBC officials present confirmed that once the hydrant will be regulated there will be a reasonable improvement in the supply of water to DHA residents.
  4. Cantonment Board Clifton which is the aggrieved agency will monitor the operation.  MPA Samar Ali Khan suggested to CBC officials that CCTV cameras must be installed at the site of the hydrant to monitor and ensure misuse does not take place.
  5. Daily reports shall be maintained by CBC staff that shall be delivered to Mr Saleem Kazi, PTI Coordinator for CBC on a daily basis so that the public is also kept aware.
  6. The pipelines laid in DHA are in an appalling condition and CBC must make a schedule to replace them.
  7. Mr Saleem Kazi also mentioned of major leakage near Makro Saddar Centre and Lines Area. KWSB promised to resolve the issue.
  8. MPA Khurrum Sher Zaman apprised the Minister of many similar problems being faced in PS112. He particularly mentioned the leakages present in the pipelines in various areas. MD KWSB assured him that this shall be looked into and resolved.
  9. The MD of KWSB Mr Qutubuddin Shaikh informed the meeting that irregularities in electricity, load shedding and fluctuations are the major reason for less supply of water to Karachi from Dhabeji, Gharo and Hub.
  10. There is no water supply from Hub River leading to water shortage as the reservoir is empty. It would fill up when Monsoon season starts.
  11. Mr Sharjeel Memon emphasised that the desalination plant must be started and made operational as it is the need of the hour.
  12. Minister Sharjeel Memon and MD KWSB apprised the MPAs and the delegation that the water shortage will deteriorate over the coming years. It will become worse as the population of the city grows exponentially. 


The meeting was also attended by Mr Zahid Asghar Chief Coordinator of PTI who will keep track and help in the implementation of the decisions, and Mr Riaz Shaikh of CBC with his team.



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  • Zahid Asghar
    Good move to inform residents that PTI NA-250 elected members and team are endeavoring. Constantly the team is working, coordinating and facilitating to improve the due water supplies