Dear Mr. President, First of all I am delighted to be writing this suggestion to someone who cares and is responsible and someone I can proudly call my President. PM Imran Khan has stressed on the issue that Pakistan needs more sports grounds and more parks for families. My suggestion is that BIN QASIM PARK, which is situated in Clifton, Near the BAHRIA ICON, can contribute greatly towards the PM's cause. BIN QASIM PARK is one of the biggest parks, and in my opinion, with minor fittings and ground work, it can turn into a great SPORTS COMPLEX. Outdoor sports such as Football, Volleyball, Tennis and even Basketball could be played with relevant fittings. Other sports such as Badminton could also be played along. Families could still obviously come and enjoy their outings.. In my opinion this could be a very popular idea locally and even globally, plus it will greatly uplift our youth. Thankyou for your time Sir, Muhammad Jan Bangash, Karachi Pakistan Zindabad!

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  • M.J Bangash