My 8 Points why Chief Justice of Supreme Court should head JC


I spoke in the National Assembly on 8-4-2016, and have been expressing my serious reservations regarding the deliberate inaction by PMLN to identify and recover national wealth illegally taken abroad and invested throughout the world. The government agencies also are not only inept, and incapable, but also corrupt enough not to inspire any confidence that they will ever do this task efficiently.My 8 reasons why a Judicial Commission under the Chief Justice himself is the only solution are as follows:

  1. We know by recent experience that the PMLN government has had no intention of serious investigation on issues that have been highlighted before. In a news item published in DAWN on 10th May 2014 (details can be read here ( Ishaq Dar in response to my question revealed in the National Assembly that Credit Suisse Bank has $97 billion worth of Pakistani capital bank. He quoted Micheline Calmy-Rey, Swiss foreign minister who put the amount of Pakistani money hidden in Switzerland at $200 billion. Mr Dar said that he believed the figures were correct and called for immediate corrective action as he said that the country can, theoretically, pay off all its debt with the money in Swiss banks and still have nearly a quarter of it left over.  No ‘action’ was ever taken;
  2. We have also observed during the PPP government in the ‘Swiss Cotecna’ case, despite many orders of the Supreme Court, matters were delayed long enough that the case became infructuous;
  3. Believing from history and facts that FIA an agency that can investigate the issue is under the Ministry of Interior. It is not independent and under the total control of the executive;
  4. Believing from history and facts that NAB under political pressure of the government in power has always shied away from pursuing cases in a diligent manner;
  5. Observing that Pakistan has been dis-reputed with question marks on its institutions regarding their ability to prevent illegal wealth going abroad and that the process is patronized by the very leadership that is supposed to safeguard the interest of the common man;
  6. Knowing fully well that the Commission as envisaged by the PM with a single retired Judge of the Supreme Court appointed by the PM himself who should be under investigation, is a major conflict of interest, and the said Commission will neither have the capacity nor the power to investigate this issue in the manner it deserves;
  7. For an investigation to be acceptable to the people it is necessary that a forensic audit be conducted by reputable international audit companiy and
  8. That the FIA, FBR, NAB, State Bank of Pakistan, and Ministry of Interior should all be responding to the task, which they will never do unless the Commission is directly under the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court himself.


Dr Arif Alvi

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