NA adjournment motion to debate 'Whether US is a friend?'


'Is Pakistan a Friend or Foe' is what the US Congress is debating upon this week. Pakistanis are probably sick of such a demeaning and degrading attitude with crops up every now and then. Because we are dependent on US Aid our leaders take this.  We went into Afghanistan on US calling, we have lost more than 60,000 lives in the War on terror. I believe we should analyse our relationship with the US. I have moved an adjournment motion in the National Assembly to debate whether the US is a friend.

11th July 2016

The Speaker,

National Assembly. 

Notice of Adjournment under Rule 109

Subject to the provisions of Rule 109, I would like to move a motion for an adjournment of the business of the House for the purpose of an urgent discussion on:

“The role and relationship of the United States of America with reference to Pakistan, and whether the United States is a friend”. 

Note: The need for this healthy discussion is urgent because the US Congress is also debating exactly the same issue with reference to Pakistan ‘Whether Pakistan is a friend or foe’. 

It will give our MNAs the opportunity to express their views about the role of the United States in the region, particularly with our neighbors, Afghanistan, Iran and India. Since a long time this issue has not been openly debated and therefore a public discussion is the need of the hour. The best forum for this debate like the US Congress, is the National Assembly, and the output will be a better understanding and if possible an improvement in our relationship.


Dr Arif Alvi


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