counter terrorism

1: complete education of the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (s a w) should be compulsaory in all school, colleges and madarsas. This should be done on an EMERGENCY basis. The only right way to implement is to teach Directly the Quran and SHAHI ahadith only and not on sectarial basis. 2: publically hang the terrorists and IMMEDITE action should be taken without any delay. 3: Islamic scholars from all sects should join together and publically announce on tv that killing if innocent muslims is haraam. 4:Education to the mass public about islamic perspective of jihad, suicide bombing and killing of muslims on the basis of the Quran and Sahi Ahadith. 5. An emergeny number for public to report suspicious activities. 6. Taking the people of fatta a dkpk into confid2nce. 7. Cancellation of visas/ entry to the foringers who are suspicious. Eg 500or more visaswere issued to some americans who actullay belonged to black water and other similar agencies.

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  • Nayyar Ahmed