No Teacher in School but students taking classes & learning

Class_without_teacher.jpgA most interesting thing happened on 31st Jan 2015, an episode which makes me feel proud. Our NA250 team had planned tree plantation in the Govt School in Qayyumabad which has been adopted by the family of our team member Fouad Yusuf. While we went about planting trees along the boundary wall the students in the classes appeared from a distance to be busy studying.

Then we saw one of the most interesting sights of our lives. What happened was that after we were done planting trees Mr Samar Khan MPA and I went inside the school.

Empty_Teacher_Office.jpgBecause of the heinous Shikarpur Imambargah incident there was a partial shutdown in Karachi and none of the teachers could make it to the school, but most of the children did. The Principal's office was empty and there was not a single teacher around, but surprisingly the classes were busy in self learning.  All the students (girls) were in very neat and clean uniform including the monitors who wore a sash which stated their position.  In one class (8th) there was a girl reading loudly from a book to the entire class, in another the period had changed and the girls were reading from individual text books.  As Samar Khan and I greeted the children with Salaams there was this re-sounding unified 'Walaikum-us-Salam wa Rehmatullahe-Wa-Baraktuhu'


“So who decides what you are learning now?” I asked.  “We go by the periods”, was the prompt answer. "Now it is time for Urdu".  Every hour on the dot, they move along as prescribed in their time table.

There are some classrooms with no desks and we saw this orderly bunch of teacher-less girls sitting on the mats and revising their lessons.


I was so proud of my nation’s outstandingly disciplined and organised children and I said the same to them.  While NA250 team has done a lot of work to improve this school, the children themselves have risen to the occasion. Imagine no teacher but a very organised session going on with total discipline.  Not a single girl was walking in the corridors or was out of class.  Nobody came out to the ground to see our tree plantation work. These young flowers, girls of secondary school were running the entire show themselves.  How I wish we could hand over the country to them.

Samar_in_CLass.jpgI must thank Mustafa our social media volunteer for the pictures, and of course Mr and Mrs Fuoad Yusuf of our NA250 team whose family has adopted this school. A lot of work has already been done.  We could employ teachers but Sindh Govt processes too slow. Anyhow we are pushing it. Many other volunteers from the NA250 team were there without whom such projects would not be working. Will list some names in the next posting.

These philanthropic projects are being carried out under a Registered Charity which is called the Insaf Community Welfare Society.  Details can be seen at:

For those who want to donate please do so directly into the account: Insaf Community Welfare Society, A/C 14478299, NIB Bank Zamzama Br Karachi, SwiftCode:NIBPPKKA, IBAN:14478299 or send a cheque in the name of Insaf Community Welfare Society to: E-22, 2nd Zamzama Lane, DHA Karachi.


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  • Dr. Arif Alvi
    Thank you…. corrected
  • Omer Cheema
    I think you are still in 2014 “A most interesting thing happened on 31st Jan 2014”
    I believe you meant 2015