Only because we stood for the rights of Karachi, Sindh


In the Meeting of the NA Standing Committee of Ministry of Interior and Narcotics Control on 14th February, I had objected that the PSDP budget of the Ministry, for Sindh was a paltry Rs 48 Million compared to Rs 400 Million in Punjab and Rs 180 Million in Islamabad. I made a strong statement to the Ministry and refused to sign or approve the budget.

Because of my protest, within days, the Ministry added a project worth Rs 625 million in Karachi. Frequently we see that the parties who claim the mandate from Sindh compromise on these issues. This is a victory for the rights of Sindh and getting a benefit for Karachi in forums that matter.

My protest note can be read here:

The minutes of the Committee meeting recording my protest are as follows:


The response of the Ministry adding a project worth Rs 624.761 Million for Karachi can be seen below:


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