Poem on Peshawar 16/12 carnage by Javed Jabbar

Heart wet with tears
Eyes dry with despair
Tongue frozen in grief
Yet the spirit throbs with hope ---
That despite the depravity of some
The compassion in most of us
Shapes the ultimate cure
Infuses strength
Enhances capacity to overcome evil.
But only if the tenacity of individuals and institutions
Each of us, in our own way, each day
Confronts, transcends, triumphs.
Javed Jabbar

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  • Safdar Imam
    JJ bhai you should lead a committee of clear headed media brains and suggest an anti-ziaist, anti-terrorist media policy. Enough is enough. Now we need a courageous and bold but well crafted propaganda narrative against zia-ist Islamomania (hatred for all with self-love and bigotry) inculcated in us during 1980’s to ensure our self-destruction.