Prime Minister needs to be investigated on Panama Leaks Scandal

the-only-thing-panama-papers-exposed-was-pakistan-s-cyclical-stupidities-1460208095-4351.jpgPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) PS-112 MPA Khurrum Sherzaman stated that the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif should either resign or get himself and his family investigated first as soon as possible as the federal government is at a standstill.

The best option for the Prime Minister is to resign during the course of the investigation, as this would allow the commission and the investigative agencies to function independently and impartially.  An in-house change is both constitutional and allows the democratic system in Pakistan to continue unhindered as the new Prime Minister would still be from the ruling PMLN. 

Mr. Sherzaman expressed concerned that the federal government has become dysfunctional, as the Prime Minister, the cabinet and government MNAs are too busy in firefighting due to Panama Leaks scandal and not focused on governing.

Pakistan is facing challenges on external front as seen in the issue of F-16s, as the U.S. Congress is refusing to aid Pakistan in their purchase and lobbying against Pakistan but our government is not effectively addressing these issues as the Foreign Affairs portfolio lies with the Prime Minister and is too busy doing jalsas.    

The Prime Minister could have nipped the Panama Leaks scandal in the bud if he would have went to the National Assembly instead of addressing the nation on PTV by disclosing his tax returns and financial statements just like UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Being the chief executive of this country, the Prime Minister has the responsibility to clear himself and his family first as the people of Pakistan need to know that their Prime Minister is not a crook.  In a democracy, moral authority matters greatly and the loss of it makes it impossible to govern legitimately despite the size of a mandate.  Society’s demand for moral authority and character increases as the importance of the position rise.

Khurrum SherZaman

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