PTI Meeting with CBC officials on Basic Health Units & other issues

A meeting was held in the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) Office on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 with President, Brigadier Farrukh Waseem. It was attended by Samar Ali Khan, Aziz Suhrawardy, Iftikhar Ahmed and Saleem Kazi.

  1. Samar Ali Khan suggested that CBC should make Neelum Colony as a model colony. CBC is in a position to recover the taxes from the colonies after completion. The Brigadier further added that he is willing to waive all taxes from the past 18 years if the colony residents agree to start paying their dues after Neelum colony is converted into a model colony.
  2. The CBC is wiling to provide land space for the Basic Health Units as well as the Water Filtration plant in various colonies lying under the jurisdiction of CBC.  In this regard the Engineering department of CBC provides the maps on which they have to mark the existing water filtration plants on an urgent basis. Mr. Niaz Shaikh, Chief Engineer promises to provide the map within two days. We can arrange for the filtration plants to be installed only after a thorough survey has the best possible locations identified. 
  3. Brigadier Farrukh Waseem has given the instruction to the Engineering department to provide various lands in colonies to build Basic Health Units. This will aid the residents of the colonies in providing basic health facilities to the lesser privileged community living within colonies.
  4. Samar Ali Khan has requested the Brigadier to have vacated  the various sites of basic health units where illegal occupation of the building space is taking place. The sites at Hazara and Jamhooria Colonies must be vacated immediately if CBC wishes to build the basic health units.

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