PTI Suggestions on Anti-Terrorism Ordinance #7

I have attended a number of meetings of the Interior Committee where two Bills have been debated. I informed you of the objections and suggestions filed for the Antiterrorism Amendment Ordinance No 8 which was taken earlier. Now I am detailing below our stance on the Anti-Terrorism Amendment Ordinance No 7.

There was strong participation from PTI wherein I forced discussion as to PTI position on every clause. There were many objections mentioned but they say that they will accept only a few. For the record I again drafted a detailed version of PTI position as was debated in the Committee and then I got help from Miss Maleeka Bukhari who finalised the version under advice from Mr Khosa. Please see PTI official position on the Ordinance # 7 below (and attached). The third bill the Pakistan Protection Act will come up for hearing on Tuesday 21st January and I will brief you later after debate is held within the committee on the same.

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