NA-250 Security

I had requested my name in the volunteers for security and IT. So that I could give suggestions for security for NA-250. I have a bit long list... On sending alerts to security forces.. I want a server and a security control. When a registered user will send sms. It will go to server with location of threat eg, mobile snatching/some other crime scenes etc. The app should be made for Java mobiles and android phones. This app will accept three fast touches in succession and rely the alert sms to the server containing location of the device using some appropriate technology. This alert will be then tackled by control and security force dispatched. Security points in NA250. There should be four to six points on the corners of NA-250 and one in central point. I think three personnel at one point will suffice. They will be appropriately armed and have bikes. There are other ideas too regarding this.

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  • Adil Jumshed