Railway School Kalapul Project

DSC_1109.JPGThis school is spread over 8 acres and was established in 1963. The present structure though falling apart now, testifies to a beautiful building. The entire first floor is shut down as it is very dangerous.

The lower floor is also in a bad condition, but the school is working with minimum facilities and poor education.  PTI team NA250 intends to restore this school structurally and then impart excellent education as a major philanthropic project through the Insaf Community Welfare Society (ICWS)


Mr Saad Rafique the Minister of Railways has accepted our proposal.  Our letter of intent as sent to the Ministry is as follows: 

After Phase 1 of the restoration, in partnership with The Citizen's Foundation (TCF), and permission from Ministry of Railways we intend to start the morning shift from April onwards to impart good education to the poor children of this area.  The Railway teaching staff already working there will continue with enrolled children in the afternoon and will also go through capacity building.

The School is situated in Railway Colony but also right next to Hazara Colony and Pak Jahooria Colony.  It caters to children of poor and low income people. Opposite to it is the 4 storey air-conditioned Foundation Public School established on leased Railway land which caters to high income families.

This picture on is symbolic of every room on the first floor that is totally shut down.  We approached Mr Saad Rafique Minister of Railways and asked the Ministry about their intention to improve this school.  Obviously they lack funds and were looking at many commercial proposals from interested parties to set up marriage halls and commercial shops in the play ground area. The private school opposite wanted to lease more land for parking their cars.

Repair_2.jpgIn Karachi there are land grabbers everywhere, as well as politicians and 

Mr Samar Khan MPA of the area and I as the MNA along with our team deliberated on the possibility of philanthropic intervention.  We propose to carry out the following actions in 3 phases as agreed upon also by the Ministry of Railways. Because we want TCF to start in April 2015 the lower floor and essentials will be done first:bureaucrats hungry to steal or buy land at a pittance and make big bucks... in this case at the cost of poor children.

  1. Secure the boundary wall and re-gate the school (after Peshawar incident this is a priority)
  2. Toilets are totally broken down, change everything and do re-plumbing
  3. Make an underground water tank
  4. Make an overhead water tank
  5. Improve the structure, maybe in some areas re-do the entire roof
  6. Structurally secure the beautiful auditorium
  7. Wood work in redoing windows and doors as well as new desks
  8. Lift the playground as it is below street level and rain/drainage water accumulates there
  9. The entire primary section (separate small building) has to be salvaged
  10. Get TCF to start classed in April

As can be seen from our letter of intent (above) the project will cost Rs 15,579,589 which will be collect from philanthropists.  Some funds have already been deposited including from the MNA (myself) and MPA (Mr Samar Khan) who have made personal contributions. Work has already started: 

More photographs can be seen on my (Dr Arif Alvi) Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Dr.ArifAlvi/photos_stream

This great philanthropic project is being carried out under a Registered Charity which is called the Insaf Community Welfare Society.  Details can be seen at: http://www.na250.com/insaf_community_welfare_society

For those who want to donate please do so

directly into the account:
Insaf Community Welfare Society,
NIB Bank Zamzama Br Karachi,
A/C 1447 8299
IBAN: PK32 NIBP 0000 0000 1447 8299

or send a cheque in the name of
Insaf Community Welfare Society to:
E-22, 2nd Zamzama Lane, DHA Karachi.

I must acknowledge Mr Samar Khan's effort. His being an architect has also been very advantageous and he is therefore personally supervising the project. My appreciation goes out to our NA250 Education team headed by Mr Amin Rehman whose names would be added here.

Dr Arif Alvi

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