Railway School upgraded

Children at Railway SchoolOn Sunday 27th March - the PTI NA250 team invited all donors and supporters to an event at the Railway School, Kalapul to show the work that has been done - raising over 1 crore and 75 Lacs in this last year - the team has completed the entire ground floor and part of the first floor, they remain short of raising another 40 lacs for final completion.

In this last year - PTI NA250 team successfully signed an MOU between Pakistan Railways, The Citizens Foundation & the ICWS (Insaf Community Welfare Society) - The ownership of the school remains entirely of the Pakistan Railway, the TCF comes in as the education partner, while the financial support comes in from the public service NGO ICWS.


Dr Arif Alvi at the Railway School Kalapul 2

Railway School AuditoriumSchool administration already reports that new admissions have been amazing as the residents from the surrounding areas are anxious to enroll their children in the TCF campus - to have almost reached a 1000 enrolled students and hope to reach to its max of 1800-2000 possible admissions with time - each student pays a nominal tution of Rs 130 per month and it costs the TCF adminstation about Rs 1250 per student per month - which the donors and supporters of ICWS and PTI have pledged to collect every month to help fund this school in the long term duration

Railway School Inauguration

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