Ramzan Package Distribution (Altaf Town, Qayyumabad)

10411112_10152277183073063_1173093484017714248_n.jpgRamzan Package distribution process in NA 250 has been developed over the last many years.  The outstanding team of volunteers starts working a couple of months before Ramzan. A list of Package items is also finalised and contains Fluor, Rice, Oil, RoohAfza, Daal, Dates, Milk powder, Sugar etc. Five best prices are taken from suppliers and it is usually multi sourced so as not to be dependent on a single person. 

Meanwhile in every Abadi the team develops a list of destitute women, widows and poor. ID card photocopies are then taken and they are given tokens against which they collect their package on a given day. An orderly line is made, tokens are taken and relief package is given.

Today on 5th July we distributed more than a hundred packages each in two localities.  Altaf Town is on the edge of NA 250 towards Korangi and is a neglected Abadi with many poor living there.  After that we went to Qayyumabad and did the same in a very organised manner.

Samar Khan and I along with our Volunteer team were there to physically ensure a fair distribution.  I must thank the philanthropists helping us as well as the volunteers.

Dr Arif Alvi


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  • Dr. Arif Alvi
    Umer Inam Sahib, Thank you for your offer. Please write your contact/email and we would contact you on possibilities for your participation.
    Dr Arif Alvi
  • Dr. Arif Alvi
    You are welcome Hussain Sahib. We all are returning what we owe to society
  • Hussain
    Well done Dr. Arif Alvi for doing this memorable & awesome job, thank u once again.