Samar Khan meets Commissioner Karachi

10354658_783692598356529_1159383793531893432_n.jpgA meeting was held on October 22, 2014 with Commissioner Karachi, Shoaib Siddiqui, Samar Ali Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed and Saleem Kazi at the Commissioner's office. The following problems of the colonies were discussed and also delivered in writing to him 

1. Altaf Town

Water, Drainage and Sanitation
Population : 13,000 - 15,000 (approximately 1,000 homes that have all been leased)
The residents of this town are living in an inhumane environment. In this respect, Samar has met several times with the Deputy Commissioner of the area but he has not responded in any manner to alleviate the issues. 

The main gutter pipelines have been laid but choked in several places. So the residents of the area through self-help have opened the chokes themselves. They will appreciate if the lines are properly cleaned and monitored from the concerned authorities.

The water pipelines have also been laid but are not connected to the main water pipelines. The colony faces acute water shortage because of this discrepancy. 

Most street lights are not available and smaller roads leading to the homes have not been made.

2. Qayyumabad

The main drainage (nullah) in Qayyumabad which serves more than a population of one million residents requires immediate extensive cleaning. If this is not addressed immediately, several fatal and chronic illnesses can spread within the colony. This will be catastrophic for the city of Karachi.

3. Saddar

Garbage around Empress Market and surrounding areas including St. John's Hospital. There is an old age home in that vicinity near which garbage is burnt on a daily basis. This causes an inconvenience to the elderly patients. Samar has requested the Commissioner to have this garbage removed immediately and shift the dumping site away from the hospital. 

4. Dholi Khata

There is a main nullah passing through this area which needs to be cleaned on a monthly basis. The nullah is the main drainage for the city of Karachi. 

The area is under the jurisdiction of Karachi Cantontment Board but the nullah is under City District Government Karachi.

5. Azam Basti

There is luckily no water shortage in Azam Basti and Qayyumabad. Unfortunately for the residents living in Azam Basti's Lanes 16 to 27, not a single drop of water reaches those lanes although proper water lines have already been laid. In these lanes it is sad to note that all homes belong to the Christian community. Being a Muslim and Pakistani with political tension ever present in our city and country, it is imperative for their concerns of water to be addressed on an urgent and immediate basis.

Samar informed that Azam Basti is not within his constituency of PS-113/NA250.

Samar Ali Khan also mentioned to the Commissioner that no Member of Parliament (MPA) of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has received Development Funds from the Government of Sindh. All other MPAs from the remaining parties have received their respective development funds. 

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