Science Fair at the Railway School

IMG_0208.JPGA Science Fair was held on 29th May at the Railway School by in coordination between MP's of the area - Dr Arif Alvi, Samar Khan, Khurrum Sher Zaman, Dr Seema Zia and Alif Ailaan.

Children from the Railway School and other schools came and enjoyed the activities - which were presented by the Pakistan Science Club and the Karachi Astronomers Society. It was a great event. The children who may have never seen a telescope or the spectacle of fun science - enjoyed it througly

11348728_10153307104898431_972061008_o.jpgA few months ago in a discussion between Alif Ailaan it transpired that the grades of the students in Sindh were very low in Science and Maths.  This was shocking as these two subjects form the foundation stone of future progress.  It was decided therefore to encourage them in a practical manner.

The Pakistan Science Club and the Astronomical Society of Karachi joined in for the fun mela. The main session that had hundreds of children who sat to watch simple experiments was the best part, they listened intently, made educated guesses as to the outcome of the experiment, and then would enjoy with applause when they saw an interesting reaction to a fun experiment.

More power to Alif Ailaan and the entire NA-250 Education Committee led by Mr Amin Reman to have made this happen - we need more such projects all across the area.  It never is too late to inspire our next generation to live the dreams of a better and brighter tomorrow

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