Seaview Tragedy

14781492516_edd10fd8c9_z.jpgA press conference was held today at the Karachi Press Club by PTI Parliamentarians on the sad and horrific tragedy at the Karachi Sea View beach, on Wednesday the 2nd day of Eid resulting in the loss of 38 lives and several still missing.

The PTI NA 250 MNA Dr Arif Alvi held Sindh government, KPT, KMC and CCB are directly responsible for the tragedy and demanded immediate inquiry into the incident. He demanded that those responsible should be punished and said that no amount can compensate for the loss a single life. 

MPA Khurrum Sherzaman said that  Supreme Court should take suomoto notice of such negligence. He reiterated that the Sindh Govt is lying and that section 144 was implemented only after the incident.  MPA Samar Ali Khan said that the KPT & CCB lifeguards were not present and these departments are directly responsible for this catastrophe. CCB charges people for parking around the beach, makes money and does not fulfil its responsibilities.  MPA Syed Hafeezudin demanded better safety measures and beach patrolling by the authorities.  

MPA Dr Seema Zia claimed the Sindh Govt is the most incompetent Provincial government and people of this province have been cursed by feudals who want to ruin Karachi similar to what they have done to rural Sindh which is the most primitive area of the country today. She stated that their coalition partners MQM are opportunists and power hungry and will never safeguard the interest of the common man.

MPA Khurrum Sher Zaman was at the scene since the start of the trgedy helping coordinate the rescue efforts.

See DAWN report of the Press Conference:


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