Secret FBR report on smuggling in Pakistan


I am releasing this secret but very revealing report on the damage caused by smuggling to Pakistan's economy and particularly to revenues which could have been collected every year had smuggling been controlled. The report estimates that smuggling of only eleven commodities results in a loss of $2.64 Billion in revenues such as customs duty, sales tax and withholding tax. Read the full report:

12651022_946926695372704_588579395784942832_n.jpgI strongly disagree with the practice to classify such reports and marking them 'Strictly Confidential'. I have therefore written a letter to the Chairman of Public Accounts Committee to summon FBR officials and the Finance Ministry in the committee so they can be grilled to find out why is this matter being hidden and neglected.  The government has totally failed to curb this menace. In fact government officials are totally involved in this huge corruption.  

To meet its expenditures PMLN government continues to burden the poor with indirect taxation on petroleum products, cellphone calls etc. Black money shelters in property, the recent tax amnesty bill, Swiss banks and other tax havens, investments in Dubai properties etc. continue to rob us in broad daylight, while the poor are being ground into misery with indirect taxation.

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